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M.A. in Teaching

Realize your dream of becoming a teacher.

If you have a bachelor’s degree and want to become a K-12 teacher in Minnesota, the Master of Arts in Teaching program was designed for you. Saint Mary’s University offers a variety of focus areas to prepare you for a fulfilling career helping children learn. Students in this program select from one of the following licensure areas, depending on their interests and career goals:

  • Elementary Education (K–6)
  • Elementary Education (K–6) with a Middle School (5–8) Endorsement (Communication Arts and Literature, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science)
  • Elementary Education (K-6) with a K-8 Spanish Endorsement
  • General Science (5-8)
  • Secondary Education (5–12) (Communication Arts and Literature, Mathematics, Social Studies)
  • Secondary Education (9-12) (Life Sciences, Physics, Chemistry)
  • Specialty Subject Areas (K–12) (Spanish, Visual Art, Music)

Licensure Preparation

In addition to program coursework, you may also need to take required courses that pertain to the licensure or content area you are pursuing. These will be determined after you have submitted all application materials. Our staff will provide you with one-on-one advising to help you with your path to licensure.


Other program requirements include field experience and student teaching, which ensure that you have practiced your skills under the guidance of a cooperating teacher and university supervisor. Student teaching is a semester-long, full-time experience in a K-12 school.


Elementary Licensure Required Courses: 37 cr.

EDUC500 Orientation Session, 0 cr.

EDUC510 Educational Measurement and Assessment: K-8, 2 cr.

EDUC515 Foundations of Education, 2 cr.

EDUC517 Learning, Development, and Exceptionality, 3 cr.

EDUC520 Reading, Language Arts, and Children’s Literature Methods: K-8, 4 cr.

EDUC521 Science Methods: K-8, 2 cr.

EDUC522 Mathematics Methods: K-8, 2 cr.

EDUC523 Artistic Expression Methods: K-8, 2 cr.

EDUC524 Physical Education and Health Methods: K-8, 1 cr.

EDUC528 Social Studies Methods: K-8, 2 cr.

EDUC533 Technology in the Classroom: K-8, 2 cr.

EDUC550 Middle Level Education, 2 cr.

EDUC554 Clinical Practicum, 0 cr.

EDUC555 Student Teaching: Elementary Education (K-6) with optional Middle Level Endorsement, 6 cr.

EDUC565 Human Relations, Cultural Diversity, and American Indian Culture, 2 cr.

EDUC570 Professional Capstone/Portfolio, 2 cr.

EDUC585 Advanced Literacy Methods for Diverse Learners, 3 cr.

Secondary Licensure Required Courses: 26 cr.

EDUC500 Orientation Session, 0 cr.

EDUC511 Educational Measurement and Assessment: 5-12, 2 cr.

EDUC515 Foundations of Education, 2 cr.

EDUC517 Learning, Development, and Exceptionality, 3 cr.

EDUC525 Curriculum and Instruction: Grades 5-12, 4 cr.

EDUC530 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas, 2 cr.

EDUC534 Technology in the Classroom: 5-12, 2 cr.

EDUC551 Adolescent Literature (Communication Arts only), 1 cr.

EDUC554 Clinical Practicum, 0 cr.

EDUC558 Students with Special Needs, 1 cr.

EDUC560 Student Teaching: Early Adolescence/Young Adult 5-12, 6 cr.

EDUC565 Human Relations, Cultural Diversity, and American Indian Culture, 2 cr.

EDUC570 Professional Capstone/Portfolio, 2 cr.

Secondary Licensure Special Methods Courses: 2 cr.

EDUC540 Special Methods: Social Studies, 2 cr.

EDUC542 Special Methods: Music, 2 cr.

EDUC543 Special Methods: World Languages and Cultures, 2 cr.

EDUC544 Special Methods: Communication Arts & Literature, 2 cr.

EDUC545 Special Methods: Mathematics, 2 cr.

EDUC546 Special Methods: Physical Science, 2 cr.

EDUC547 Special Methods: Life Science, 2 cr.

EDUC548 Special Methods: Art Education, 2 cr.

Master of Arts Degree Completion Courses: 9 cr.

For Final Research Project students take EDUC598 or EDUC590 with EDUC599

EDUC580 Critical Issues in Education, 3 cr.

EDUC595 Philosophy of Education, 3 cr.

EDUC590 Introduction to Educational Research, 2 cr.

EDUC599 Research Project and Presentation, 1 cr.

EDUC598 Research Project, 3 cr.

Additional courses as needed for Licensure

EDUC551 Adolescent Literature (Communication Arts only), 1 cr.

EDUC571 Endorsement Portfolio Seminar, 1 cr.

EDUC575 Substance Abuse and Community Health, 1 cr.

Program Outcomes

Upon graduating from the M.A. in Teaching program, you will be able to:

  • Plan and manage instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, students, the community, and curriculum goals.
  • Provide learning opportunities that support a student’s intellectual, social, and personal development.
  • Create instructional opportunities that are adapted to students with diverse backgrounds and exceptionalities.
  • Encourage student development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills through the use of a variety of instructional strategies.
  • Create learning environments that encourage positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self motivation.
  • Foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom through the use of effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques.
  • Create learning experiences that make the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the disciplines taught meaningful for students.
  • Evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social, and physical development of the student through the use of formal and informal assessment strategies.
  • Reflect on and evaluate the effects of personal choices and actions on others, including students, parents, and other professionals in the learning community, and actively seek out opportunities for professional growth.
  • Communicate and interact with parents or guardians, families, school colleagues, and the community to support student learning and well-being.
  • Evaluate and synthesize research related to educational practice.
  • Evaluate critical teaching and learning issues and practices based on diverse educational philosophies and approaches.
Earn your M.A. in Teaching degree in as little as one year at the Winona Campus or two to three years at the Twin Cities Campus.

1Courses listed may not reflect all current degree requirements as published in Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota’s Course Catalog. Contact an enrollment counselor today for more information about this program.



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