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M.A. in Counseling and Psychological Services — Support Better Mental Health

Meet the educational requirements for Minnesota licensure as an LPC.

Develop the skills to help individuals work through difficult issues and challenges. The Master of Arts in Counseling and Psychological Services provides you with expertise in the complex nature of human behavior and social interaction, taught by professors who are experts in the counseling field.

This program, offered at Saint Mary’s Twin Cities and Rochester, MN locations, is designed to help you meet the educational requirements for Minnesota licensure for the  Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) credential. In addition, coursework is offered for the educational requirements for Minnesota Licensure for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC). Students planning to seek licensure with the Minnesota Board of Psychology after earning a doctorate can work toward some of their educational requirements in the master's program.

Dual Program Option: M.A. in Counseling and Psychological Services with a Graduate Certificate in Addiction Studies

Students in the M.A. program also have the option to add a certificate focused on helping individuals with addiction. This dual program option integrates studies of mental health and substance use to work in mental health, criminal justice, detox, hospital, assessment residential, and outpatient settings.

The certificate helps students meet the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy's educational requirements for licensure as Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADC), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC). An integrated practicum of 880 hours is based on the State of Minnesota's practicum requirements for licensure as a LPC/LPCC and LADC.


Core Courses (18 credits)

PY605 Developmental Psychology (3 cr.)

PY607 Theories of Personality (3 cr.)

PY608 Psychopathology (3 cr.)

PY613 Counseling Theory and Technique (3 cr.)

PY620 Statistical Techniques and Research Methods (3 cr.)

PY641 Marriage and Family Counseling (3 cr.)

Assessment Courses (7 credits)

PY621 Psychological Assessment (3 cr.)

PY631 Personality Assessment: Adolescent and Adult (2 cr.)

PY632 Child Assessment (2 cr.)

PY633 Personnel and Vocational Assessment (2 cr.)

Counseling Courses (8 credits)

PY604 Career Counseling: Theory and Procedures (2 cr.)

PY642 Group Therapy (2 cr.)

PY648 Multicultural Counseling (2 cr.)

PY665 Counseling Skills and Practice (2 cr.)

Additional Required Courses (9 credits)

PY575 Orientation to the Profession of Counseling (1 cr.)

PY576 Social Psychology (2 cr.)

PY606 Psychophysiology (3 cr.)

PY625 Ethics and Professional Issues in Psychology (3 cr.)

Additional Required Courses for Addiction Studies Certificate (10 credits)

ADS551 Historical and Contemporary Foundations of Addiction Theories (2 cr.)

ADS552 Applied Research and Evaluation in Addictions (2 cr.)

ADS553 Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Addiction Services (2 cr.)

ADS554 Psychopharmacology and Psychophysiology in Addiction Disorders (2 cr.)

ADS557 Families & Addictive Related Issues Across the Lifespan (2 cr.)

Required Practicum Experience (6 credits)

The student completes a supervised practicum experience in a counseling or mental health setting under direct supervision. This experience consists of a minimum of 700 hours, usually two semesters of 350 hours each. A practicum supervision seminar class must be taken concurrently.


ADS714 Counseling and Psychological Services and Addiction Studies Practicum II (3 cr.)

ADS715 Counseling and Psychological Services and Addiction Studies Practicum Completion (0 cr.)

PY710 Practicum I (3 cr.)

PY711 Practicum II (3 cr.)

PY712 Practicum III (2 cr.)

PY713 Counseling and Psychological Services and Addiction Studies Practicum I (3 cr.)

Integration Paper and Oral Examination

The final requirements of the program include the following:

  • A paper in which the student integrates his or her education, practicum, and other professional experience with a review of current professional research literature.
  • A final one-hour oral examination based upon the integration paper.
Finish your M.A. in Counseling and Psychological Services in as soon as two years.

1Courses listed may not reflect all current degree requirements as published in Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota’s Course Catalog. Contact an enrollment counselor today for more information about this program.



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