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Prep for Administrative Licensure: Ed.S. in Educational Administration

Ensure student success in today’s complex school communities.

Gain the foundation you need to successfully navigate the demands of a contemporary school community as a K-12 principal, director of special education, or superintendent. The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Educational Administration prepares you to:

  • Handle complex educational issues
  • Establish strategic plans to support student outcomes
  • Communicate with students, parents, teachers, and communities
  • Build and inspire teams
Administrative Licensure Preparation

The administrative preparation segment of the program focuses on helping you master the competencies common to all areas of educational administrative licensure in Minnesota. Instruction focuses on theories of organizational leadership as well as the practical skills required to effectively lead education organizations. Students choose to focus on principal, director of special education, or superintendent preparation and will complete a 320 hour practicum to gain first-hand knowledge of the daily experiences as a school administrator.

To be eligible for Minnesota administrative licensure preparation, you must have three years of classroom teaching experience and a valid state teaching license. Those who do not meet these requirements may choose to complete the Saint Mary’s Alternative Pathway program to administrative licensure, which can be completed simultaneously with the Ed.S. program.


Core Courses (17 credits)

EDS701 Orientation and Assessment (0 cr.)
EDS706 Student Assessment and Program Evaluation (2 cr.)
EDS710 Leadership Theory (3 cr.)
EDS716 Leadership for Teaching and Learning (2 cr.)
EDS720 Organization and Human Resource Management (2 cr.)
EDS731 Shaping an Inclusive School Culture (3 cr.)
EDS735 Student Management (2 cr.)
EDS740 Ethical Issues for Administrators (3 cr.)

Principal Courses (12 credits)

EDS741 Financial Management (3 cr.)
EDS742 Legal Issues in Education (3 cr.)
EDS750 Principal as Building Leader (3 cr.)
EDS756 Principal Field Experience I (1 cr.)
EDS757 Principal Field Experience II (1 cr.)
EDS758 Principal Field Experience III (1 cr.)
EDS759 Principal Seminar (0 cr.)

Superintendent Courses (12 credits)

EDS741 Financial Management (3 cr.)
EDS742 Legal Issues in Education (3 cr.)
EDS760 The Superintendency (3 cr.)
EDS761 Superintendent Field Experience I (1 cr.)
EDS762 Superintendent Field Experience II (1 cr.)
EDS763 Superintendent Field Experience III (1 cr.)

Director of Special Education Courses (12 credits)

EDS772 Resource Allocation for Special Education Directors (3 cr.)
EDS773 Legal Issues in Special Education (3 cr.)
EDS795 The Special Education Director (3 cr.)
EDS791 Director of Special Education Field Experience I (1 cr.)
EDS792 Director of Special Education Field Experience II (1 cr.)
EDS793 Director of Special Education Field Experience III (1 cr.)
EDS794 Director of Special Education Seminar (0 cr.)

Specialist Degree Completion Courses (6 credits)

EDS780 Advanced Action Research (3 cr.)
EDS798 Advanced Action Research Seminar (3 cr.)
EDS799 Exit Assessment Meeting and Capstone Presentation (0 cr.)

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Ed.S. in Educational Administration will have mastered the following state-identified competencies for an educational administration degree:

  • Leadership
  • Organizational management
  • Diversity leadership
  • Policy and law
  • Political influence and governance
  • Communication
  • Community relations
  • Curriculum planning and development for the success of all learners
  • Instructional management for the success of all learners
  • The effective use of research
  • Human resource management
  • Values and ethics of leadership
  • Judgment and problem analysis
  • Safety and security
Earn your administrative license in a little less than two years.


1Courses listed may not reflect all current degree requirements as published in Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota’s Course Catalog. Contact an enrollment counselor today for more information about this program.



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