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Earn Your Bachelor’s: B.S. in Healthcare and
Human Services Management

Advance your education to advance your career.

Meet the demands of the healthcare field as you move forward with your career. The B.S. in Healthcare and Human Services Management bachelor’s completion program provides you with a combination of professional skills and industry-specific knowledge that is required to advance in these fields. In addition to a core curriculum, the program, offered at Saint Mary’s Twin Cities and Rochester, MN locations, has two specializations.

  • Healthcare Management: Students in this specialization review health studies, explore the American healthcare system, and focus on strategies for human resource management and training.
  • Human Services: This specialization focuses on required skills and knowledge to provide these services to the public, including systems for human services, care management, and theories of counseling.


Required Core Courses (24 credits)

BPH415 Health Policy and Ethics (3 cr.)
HHSM325 Cross-Cultural Competency for Service Providers (3 cr.)
HHSM410 Current Issues in Health: Research and Practice (3 cr.)
HHSM430 Quality and Performance Improvement for Service Providers (3 cr.)
HHSM405 Healthcare Information Management (3 cr.)

HHSM490 Health and Human Services Capstone (3 cr.)
HHSM302 Communication Skills for Health and Human Service Professionals I (3 cr.)

HHSM303 Communication Skills for Health and Human Service Professionals II (3 cr.)

Healthcare Management Specialization (12 credits)

HHSM400 Workplace Training Strategies in Healthcare (3 cr.)
HHSM420 The U.S. Healthcare System (3 cr.)
HR340 Strategic Human Resource Management (3 cr.)
MG410 Applied Leadership and Management (3 cr.)

Human Services Specialization (12 credits)

HHSM301 Human Service Systems (3 cr.)
HHSM310 Care Management for Human Service Professionals (3 cr.)
PSY317 Lifespan Psychology (3 cr.)
PSY375 Counseling Theory and Skills (3 cr.)

Required Elective Course (3 credits)

Elective choices will vary by term.

Program Highlights

Learn vital skills to work in healthcare and human services, including:

  • Awareness, respect, and adaptability for socio‐cultural diversity
  • Professional written, verbal, and interpersonal communication
  • Ethics and accountability
  • Research skills, information literacy, and data analysis for evidence‐based practices
  • An understanding of public policy issues impacting healthcare and human services.
Job growth for healthcare professional and technical occupations (31 percent) and support positions (26 percent) is expected to exceed the projected average growth for all jobs in the U.S. (17 percent), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1A minimum of 122 credits is required for graduation with B.S. degree from Saint Mary's University. All students must meet the general education credit requirements. A minimum of 36 credits is required to complete the B.S. in Healthcare and Human Services Management program. Courses listed may not reflect all current degree requirements.



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